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How to Supercharge Your Penis Size

Originally published at Naturally Increase Your Penis Size. You can comment here or there.

Do you want to have that rock hard, long and thick penis that will make your woman swoon just by seeing you? This is easier to attain than you think it is. You may not be aware of this, but doing the right exercises and having the right diet are proven to make your penis longer as well as thicker, and this does do not require the purchase of any gadgets or the use of any drugs.

superenlarge your penis with herbs

Exercise and diet go hand in hand in enlarging your penis

Indeed, natural exercises such as jelqing and contraction techniques will provide the necessary motions and pressure to help enlarge the soft tissue chambers in your penis that define your size. Exercise will increase the amount of blood flowing into the extremities and encourage a growth of these tissues. Besides, a good diet can do wonders to the size of your male anatomy. You see, foods that contain anti-oxidants (such as chocolates and dark berries) will help expand the penile blood vessels in diameter and also facilitate more efficient flow of blood to your penis.

What about taking herbal enhancement pills?

I would not advise you to go down the route of consuming pills. There have been many men who had been ripped off or scammed by the promises made by dubious pill manufacturers. The truth is, many pill products do not perform up to the mark where safety is concerned. When put under microscopic tests, many pills – including those supposed to contain natural herbal ingredients – reveal the presence of toxic ingredients or substances that have not passed the scrutiny of the FDA.

What about the use of penis enlargement pumps?

A penis pump works to increase blood flow to your member. The problem with this is that you cannot have control over the blood flow or how you wish to increase it. Due to the kind of pressure exerted on your penis, there is a great potential – as many unfortunate men can tell you – of permanently damaging the delicate tissues in your penis from prolonged usage of such devices. And you too have to bear the embarrassment of having these gadgets lying around at home!

So for guys who want to grow a decent penis size that stays with you for life, here’s my advice: Just work out and focus on your diet. Yes, it does take time. But if you stick with it, you can achieve a size that will make women go weak in their knees!

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